I adore my clients and so many have left glowing reviews and sent thank you notes. Here are just a few. Let's add you to the list of happy Knoxville Doula clients!

"Just like family"
Kimberly was so wonderful during my birthing experience that I labored for 28 hours with very little medication and delivered my beautiful baby girl without any medical interventions. I would have delivered in the birthing center instead of the hospital but I had a complication so I wanted the baby to be able to have the medical care if something wasn't right. Kimberly came to the hospital when we were given a room and she helped make sure we were as comfortable as possible. She talked me through getting up and moving around even though I didn't want to and did a fabulous job of preparing me mentally for the labor experience. In short I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Kimberly as my doula. She was so reassuring, comforting and motivating that I was confident I could deliver my child according to my birth plan. -- Cindy M.

"From a father'
Kimberly is a great doula. Her relief techniques are fantastic. I attended her birth classes when my wife was pregnant with my first daughter and learned a lot about the birthing process. Her class was as entertaining as it was informative. It was informal and she made every effort to make us feel welcome and comfortable. Her attendance at the birth was also a great help. It was nice to have someone there who wasn't a doctor and whose main focus was the comfort of my wife. Her help in the delivery room was invaluable. S. M

"The best"
Kimberly was the best support person I could have asked for. She stayed calm and comforting thru my labor/birth even when I hit transition. When I thought I could no longer make it, she cheered me on and told me I could. Kimberly made me feel so strong. She was a huge support system even for my husband and daughter. My husband told me after my son's birth that he wouldn't have known what to do without her because he didn't know how to help/comfort me. I know that if we  have more children I will definitely need Kimberly again. She helped me have the birth I wanted. Victoria

"A treasure"
Where to start? My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kimberly who was our doula for our first baby. We loved our prenatal meetings with her. She was great with calmly guiding us thru the myriad of questions we had as frazzled soon to be new parents, such as creating a holistic minded yet realistic birth plan. Kimberly has an amazing reputation and relationship with many physicians in town. Our dr. Leonard Brabson and his staff absolutely love working with her. Kimberly's Comfort Measures class was by far the most helpful and enjoyable of all the classes we took. From Hypnobirthing to the hospital classes, her course was the most informative, hands on and holistic while also being relaxed and a way to meet other soon to be parents. She put everyone at ease with the intention of "You've got this." It gave us more tools to go into our birthing experience with a little more confidence and knowledge. 
There was a huge ice storm the day our daughter was born. Kimberly braved the snow and ice. We ended having to have an emergency Cesarean. Kimberly was an amazing support especially for my husband who was not at first allowed to be in the OR. Kimberly was able to talk us thru everything that was about to happen and be our advocate. She was our anchor. She stayed to help during the first few hours after Julia was born. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and a treasure to work with. J.M.